Fun Facts

Monthly Streams for The Cave Dwellers on Spotify (from the President of The Numero Group)

The Cave Dwellers are unique in the fact that we are still signed to an active recording contract
with The Numero Group.

When our records were released in 1964 -58 years ago! – The Cave Dwellers got significant airplay on

WLS and WCFL Art Roberts and Bernie Allen

“Back From the Grave Volume 8” The Cave Dwellers RUN AROUND was picked from thousands of groups around the World and is included on this album. Put together by a German company, it is available today all over the internet. The Cave Dwellers were picked to represent Chicago Garage Rock.

Our records have been sold online for as much as $1700!!

Cave Dwellers – Where I are CD

Cave Dwellers – White Rabbit CD

Midwest Magazine

The music credits from the NBC TV series Aquarius starring David Douchovny Season 1, Episode 7 “Cease To Resist”. The Cave Dwellers and I are recognized along in the company of Richard Rodgers (Rodgers & Hammerstein) and Robert “Bobby” Sherman.

Our song, “Don’t Break My Heart Again”, was chosen from millions of recordings. The track was played in it’s entirety across 3 different continuous scenes.

WorthPoint Magazine Article ‘Beatles at Comiskey Park W/ Cave Dwellers Band’

The Cave Dwellers 1964

Shaw Local Media newspaper article from Elmhurst, Illinois – June 17, 2015

Jim-Ko Record Sale

Aquarius TV Show Credits